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Drug Treatment Centers Tampa: 5 Myths About Addiction, Debunked

In America, there are drug overdose deaths among people of all ages, and that number is rapidly increasing.

Drug treatment centers in Tampa take in patients who are young, old, rich, poor, white, and black.

Surprised? Evidently, drugs don't discriminate.

Unfortunately, people have misconceptions about drugs and addiction. To help you out, here are 5 myths about addiction, debunked.

1. Addiction Is a Choice

There's a fine line here: while drug use is a choice, drug addiction isn't. You may think it's as simple as just quitting cold turkey, but it's not.

When someone's addicted to drugs, their brain is wired to need their drug of choice. Due to genetics, a person can abuse drugs hundreds of times and not become addicted, or they can use it once and easily succumb to addiction.

2. Prescription Drugs Are Safe

Many people have a false sense of security when it comes to prescription drugs. Because a doctor prescribed them, it must be safe, right?

That's definitely not the case. Many pain medications are highly addictive, so make sure you only take them as needed and according to your doctor's instructions.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can take an extra pill here and there to help with the pain. It can easily become a full-blown addiction before you know it.

3. Having a High Alcohol Tolerance Isn't a Sign of Alcoholism

Many people think that if they have a high alcohol tolerance, their body's adjusted to how much they drink and they're fine.

However, it means just the opposite. When you can drink bottles of vodka in one night and not get sick and have heavy impairment, this means you're an alcoholic. This means you have functional tolerance to alcohol.

4. Addicts Don't Get Help Until They've Hit Rock Bottom

There's a common misconception that addicts don't get help until they've hit rock bottom. But the truth is, the sooner you seek help, the better it is.

Recovery center professionals are trained to assist addicts of all stages in detoxing and learning healthy ways to cope with both addiction and stress in life. If you suspect you're an addict, it's best to check yourself into treatment as soon as possible.

5. Relapse Means Treatment Didn't Work

Addicts are humans, and most will relapse. In fact, between 40 to 60% of people with substance use disorders do.

But relapse doesn't necessarily mean that treatment didn't work. It may take a relapse or two, but generally, addicts find long-term success in remaining sober after going through treatment.

Find Drug Treatment Centers in Tampa

If you're struggling with addiction, you don't have to feel ashamed. Addiction can strike people from all walks of life, so you're not alone in your battle.

By finding drug treatment centers in Tampa, you can put yourself on the road to recovery and regain control over your life.

If you're ready to take the first steps toward recovery, then please get in touch with us today.

How the Beach Can Help Overcome Drug Addiction Tampa and St Pete Beach

How the Beach Can Help Overcome Drug Addiction

Addiction can be a traumatic thing for many people. There are also many different types of treatments available to help those that are suffering from overcoming the addiction itself. That is why we decided to create Transformations By The Gulf. We know what it is like to have to find a solution to fix your life, and we want to be a support system for each individual. Therefore, some of our ways to help people are creating programs that actually work. One of the ways we help people overcome their addiction is by the beach. In the following brief, you will learn more about how the beach actually can help you or your loved ones to get on the right track and fix your life free of addiction.

The Disorder

When a patient is consumed with a life filled with drugs, they are filled with their mindset of the inability to think clearly. Addiction comes with the inability to not function properly in society and well as with their families and work aspects. There are so many consequences that come with addiction problems, that it not only hurts themselves but those that are around them. Being addicted to drugs is a disorder for many people. It comes with a variety of components that alter one's thinking. It can cause inability to thinking, training, and even restoration. Our team has the insights to acknowledge this aspect of their lives and wants to help anyone that walks through our doors. We know what it is like to feel lost and unfocused on life, because of drugs, and know what it can take to fix problems regarding drug disorders. This is why we have dedicated our lives, and careers to helping out individuals overcome the addictions.

Treatment Types

Our company has perused to help society on many different means of recovery. One of the treatments that we offer is the beach. The beach offers the ability for individuals to push their feet into the sand and listen closely to the sounds of the waves. Each person that comes to the beach knows that it fills them with relaxation and peace. Therefore, one of our treatments offers beach time. Our team understands the value of peace and calmness for those that are overcoming drug addictions. When a patient is introduced to the holistic nature of the recovery, then they will soon realize that life has more purpose. They will find a way to focus on other things rather than their addiction needs. We offer not only the beach as a means of recovery, but alternative methods of recovery. We focus on a holistic measure to help and heal those that want to change.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, addiction can be a difficult thing to overcome; however, when a patient comes to our facility, they are greeted with love and care. Transformations By The Gulf is dedicated to helping those addicted to any types of drugs and helping them see the value in changing their lives to not only help themselves but for those that are around them. Our program that brings the beach into play has been a proven success as well as our other holistic measure to heal and fix mindsets that are focused on drugs. We want to show you there is more to life than the drugs they may be addicted to. Therefore, contact us now to see what is available for you, and what treatments and way we help others overcome addictions, your life can depend on it. You can call us here: 866-335-2962 for Drug & Addiction Beach Therapy or view our website now for immediate help: https://transformationsbythegulf.com

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How does Location Impact your Drug and Addiction Therapy Results?

Some people think that location does not make a difference when it comes to rehab. However, these individuals might not have had the experience of recovery in different surroundings. When it comes to getting better, a person wants their environment to be as serene as possible. Also, having the absence of negative influences helps as well.

No one would want to go to rehab where the person is with others that continue to use. That's why it's vital that a person is around sober people during recovery. That means that rehab centers have the responsibility to screen candidates for the residence accordingly. If there is drug trading going on behind closed doors, then this is really not a place that is conducive to healing. If people are allowed too much access to the outside world, then this can quickly occur. So finding a center that is somewhat cut off from the world is essential.

At Transformations by the Gulf, the location is serene. That helps when people are transitioning into wellness. The body is looked at holistically. Also, there are gender-based treatments. All of these approaches mean that people are getting what they need. St. Petersburg Beach is just outside the greater Tampa Bay area. This means that people will feel a little like they are on a beach vacation during recovery. And the programs will keep them occupied in a way that leaves a little room for people to spend too much time worrying about the outside world.

Florida is the sunshine state. That is why many people flock here to retire. But it is also a great place to get some Vitamin D and work on your tan. You might feel a lot as though you are on a holiday. And that's the exact type of experience that Transformations by the Gulf aims to provide the clientele. This center only accepts people who are serious about their recovery. That means that you will be around like-minded individuals as you heal.

Adding in a new hobby is a great way to fill the void that you might feel when coming down. This location provides boat therapy. There is nothing better than the sea to give you a sense that you are on a journey in life. While riding high on the waves, you will start to build new pathways in the brain. The old ones did not serve you well in the past. But these new experiences will be memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Recovery from drugs and other addictions is hard. That's why finding a great location to mend is the first step in a treatment program. You can take the self-assessment test online at the website to help you measure where you're at. Then, when you're ready, call  1-866-335-2962 to get started on your healing journey. If you have a friend or family member that needs help, you can show them this site. While recovery is a long process, starting it in the best location possible will help to ease the transition.