Recreational Therapy in St. Pete Beach

Addiction never impacts just one person. We utilize group therapy in St. Pete Beach, FL to help clients and their families find healing, growth, and sustainable recovery. Compulsive substance abuse can affect children, spouses, parents, close friends, and many others. Loved ones can also play a vital role in helping a person achieve long-term recovery. But this is unlikely to occur until everyone receives the professional attention they deserve. At Transformations by the Gulf, we understand the importance of treating the whole person.

Recreational Therapy for Addiction in St. Pete Beach

Prior to commencing therapy, therapists will develop a customized treatment plan to cater to the unique needs of each individual. Consequently, no two individuals will have identical treatment plans, leading to varying activities for different participants.

Recreational therapy for drug and alcohol addiction consists of many different activities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Interaction with animals (ex. Equine therapy, volunteering at an animal shelter)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, rock climbing, fishing)
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Community outings and events
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Team building exercises.
  • Yoga
  • Creative writing (poetry, journaling)
  • Dance, movement, or drama therapy.

Although these activities are all beneficial during treatment, they can also be used after rehab to help sustain sobriety.

What to Expect During Recreational Therapy in St. Pete Beach

Recreational therapy uses a variety of different activities to address the emotions and symptoms that may hinder a person’s recovery. For example, many people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction also experience depression, anxiety, or trauma. If left untreated, all of these conditions can make recovery and long-term sobriety difficult. However, recreational therapy treats addiction by addressing these issues and providing an array of benefits, including:

Challenging patients to push themselves and overcome difficulties, therefore, building a sense of accomplishment surrounding mental and physical challenges.
Learning to trust others by participating in team-building and trust-building activities.
Developing leadership, team-building skills, and support systems.
Building confidence, resilience, and self-esteem.
Encouraging patients to face their fears, heal emotionally, and walk through challenges without using substances.
Helping patients build self-awareness and problem-solving skills.
Motivating patients to live healthier, more independent, and fulfilling lives.
Reducing a person’s sense of isolation, anxiety, depression, and stress.
Introducing patients to new, sober hobbies and activities that they can use to fill their spare time and/or cope with future challenges.
Encouraging patients to take care of their physical and mental health.
Improving motor functioning and cognitive abilities.
Preventing relapse by developing skills to cope with challenges in recovery.
Providing patients with a break from behavioral therapy and an outlet to cope with stress and/or have fun.

When incorporated into the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, recreational therapy introduces patients to new activities and offers a reprieve from the rigorous work conducted in behavioral therapy. Often, individuals are unaware that they are undergoing therapy; instead, they perceive the experience as engaging in enjoyable activities. In truth, those in recovery have typically relied on substance use as a coping mechanism, underscoring the significance of discovering new pursuits during rehabilitation. Through the utilization of recreational therapies in rehab, patients can access comprehensive healing for the body and mind.

Benefits of Recreational Therapy for Addiction in St. Pete Beach

Individuals struggling with addiction or mental illness can find value in this type of care, particularly when integrated into a holistic treatment approach focused on proven methods. Recreational therapies are employed to address a range of issues including eating disorders, anger management, grief, trauma, and behavioral challenges. The primary objective of this treatment is to surface underlying emotions, facilitating healing and the development of coping strategies.

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