What Should I Expect Upon Arrival to Transformations By The Gulf?

Once you’ve contacted us, an admissions specialist will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our substance abuse treatment programs. Admissions specialists can be reached through our confidential helpline 24-hours a day, seven days a week — including holidays. Please call today if you or a loved one is in need of alcohol or drug abuse treatment.

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Empathy & Respect

You can rely on our compassion and empathy for your struggle with addiction and your current personal circumstances. We will treat you with respect, professionalism, and confidentiality regarding any disclosure of your battle with alcohol or other substances.

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Once At The Center

Upon your arrival, a licensed substance abuse therapist will greet you and work with you to begin the process of developing a unique treatment experience, one that is specific to your needs as an individual.

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Don’t Forget

Our team is on hand to help ease your transition to a life free from addiction to harmful substances. This includes making travel arrangements, speaking with loved ones on your behalf, performing a family intervention, and coordinating medical stabilization if necessary.

A Typical Day In Our Treatment Programs

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We like to begin our morning with a meditation beach walk. After breakfast, you will start your treatment day by meeting with your medical or clinical team or having personal time before the daily reflection group. After a short break, you’ll attend a variety of life skills groups, where you’ll explore issues surrounding addiction.

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After lunch, we offer a variety of group sessions. Some of these include a health education group, training in mindfulness and brain processes, personal training, acupuncture, yoga, and nutritional training.

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Following dinner, you’ll participate in on-campus or offsite support groups like 12-step meetings or 12-step alternatives. On the weekends, you’ll participate in groups, as well as spend time at our pool and fitness center. We also have fun, engaging activities like game night or movie night and sober outings. You’ll have personal time in the evening before bedtime.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”

Mark Twain

What Is Recommended To Bring With Me?

What To Pack

Transformations by the Gulf is Joint Commission Gold Seal Approved. The Gold Seal is the highest accreditation available for addiction treatment centers. Accreditation demonstrates TBTG’s commitment to continuous quality improvement and 100% client satisfaction.

What to expect your first day.  Upon arrival on your first day of the residential or inpatient program you will tour the facility, meeting your medical team, and getting plenty of rest.

Treatment involves therapies in individual and group formats. Individual therapy focuses on developing recovery goals and addressing co-occurring disorders. In group therapy, you’re encouraged to discuss your feelings and experiences with your peers, who are going through similar situations.