Help Your Loved Ones with Addiction

The first step on your road to recovery is often the most difficult but becomes the most rewarding.


Transformations will show you how to help loved ones without enabling them. The first step on your road to recovery is often the most difficult. Rest assured, Transformations by the Gulf will be by your side for this step and each one along the way. From the moment you contact us, we will focus on your wellbeing. During our initial phone call, we will listen carefully to your needs and begin assessing your treatment options.

We will also answer all your questions about our programs, their costs, and the types of insurance policies we accept. Transformations by the Gulf is proud to accept most insurance providers, which helps make our care accessible to you.

Some Signs Of Addiction and Drug Abuse

Withdraw From Family & Self

One of the first signs that a person is using drugs is that they’ll usually withdraw from family or social gatherings, mostly out of fear of being exposed. Missing work, appointments, and loss of interest in their hobbies are also red flags.

Mood Changes

Substance abusers can have severe changes in mood, often becoming irritable when they don’t get their daily fix. Other behavioral changes could include defensiveness, confusion, denial, rationalizing, blaming others, inability to deal with stress, obnoxious silliness.

Physical Changes

Weight loss is often associated with substance abuse as well as skin and teeth problems tend to be the most obvious. Repetitive speech patterns, dilated pupils, excessive runny or stuffy nose, are usually overlooked at first.

Three C's of Dealing with an Addict

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You did not cause addiction

You can not control addiction

You can not cure addiction

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What Are The Next Steps?

The first step toward recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is admitting there is a problem. If you are still unclear, take our self-assessment quiz to see if this helps clear up any confusion. Educate yourself about addiction and the different types of addictions.

Self Assessment Quiz

Don’t let yourself become abused. It’s extremely common for family and friends to allow themselves to become mentally, emotionally, and physically abused by their loved ones that are addicts. Set boundaries and get help.

Don’t be an enabler by making excuses for that person. Too often instead of dealing with the addiction head on out of fear of hurting or being hurt by our loved ones, people take the easy route and ignore the issue. Don’t call in to work for them, make up stories as to why they are behaving the way they are, etc.

Seek professional help for you and your loved one. If you are dealing with an addict, professional help is highly encouraged to help support the family and friends that are impacted by not only the behavior but also the ongoing therapy to support the rehab.

Take action now. Have the courage and take action by reaching our support.

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“Recovery is hard. Regret is harder.”

Brittany Burgunder

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