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“I know I needed help with my drinking and I asked my fiancé to find a place for me. She found Transformations By The Gulf and it was just right for me. I wasn’t locked in a cell and treated like a criminal, I was treated with respect. The house was nice and clean and the staff was very helpful. Everyone at Transformations By The Gulf wanted me to be successful and alcohol free and I am. I am 68 years old and I feel good about myself and my sobriety. Thank you Transformations By The Gulf.”

“Transformations literally transformed my life. The day I got to the big, beautiful light blue three story home; I thought this place was perfect for me. However I was petrified once I walked through those doors, being in a house full of addicts and alcoholics is a scary place to be. The next day I was at the center I was unsure if I was in the right place; consequently, the owner Tammy saw the light in me and kept me around because she had faith that I would make it. I was there for 60 days and those were the best 60 days of my life. I am now in school, working hard and doing well and it’s all because of Transformations. If you’re looking for a treatment center this is the place to be. The staff members are amazing and do everything they can in such little time to get you prepared for the real world and once you’re out of the program they keep in touch and are always there for you when you’re having a rough time.”

“…Things are going wonderful. There is so much love about my new way of life. In life there is so much to enjoy that I was missing for so long. Only with the help from you and your team has this miracle been made possible. It always hasn’t been the easiest road to travel but it for sure a better road than I was on before.

Relationships with my wife and family have improved the most. I have lost some friends along the way but that was entirely my choice because they were no longer headed in the direction I was anymore. There really was only one thing that I had to change, that thing was everything. Once my head was in the game, it became clear to me that there was another side of life that I had never lived before. It was the life of being a caring, sober, giving individual that could make a difference for the better in this world.

Quick story that happened the other day… I walked into the gas station and happened to be wearing an Innisbrook Resort shirt. The clerk working behind the counter asked me how I was doing…I replied, “doing great.” She recognized the Innisbrook logo and then proceeded to ask me if the resort was hiring for any front desk positions. Before I would have replied “I don’t know, can I have my change please” and I would have gone about my business. However this time, I mentioned “I don’t work for them anymore, but the resort is always hiring good people.” I told her the website to go to and guided her where to look for the career openings there. Maybe she didn’t know where to start. I said to her, “with that kind smile I’m sure they would hire you.” I said to “never stop following your dreams, you can do it if you want too.” When I proceeded to leave the store, she looked at me as if I was some kind of angel that fell from the sky. Maybe that was all she needed, just a boost of confidence and motivation to get her headed in the right direction she wanted to go. The reality is that she did more for me than I did for her. The feeling of making someone’s day has more power than I had ever expected. It is not just the clerk working behind the counter that I helped, this is just one of the many. Bringing a smile to someone’s face is something truly special.

The point of the story is that we all have a chance to be kind and friendly to one another, there are so many people who don’t understand this. Being sober has given me the chance to do this on an everyday basis. Tammy, Paul, Coach Al and Tony have given me the tools to live this wonderful life. Without them this might never have been possible. The daily routine of the program was a bit uncomfortable at first because I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t think I needed to be there. I asked myself over and over, why me? I had a successful career, I’m married, owned my own home and the list goes on. The reality is though, I had all of this but was still not happy? I was a functioning alcoholic and did nothing but think of myself first. Today is different. A Transformation has happened.

Today the success in my career is better than I ever expected and ever imagined it could be. I have a marriage that is happier than ever, we have found a truelove we never knew was there before. With the money that I have saved from not drinking, I’ve been able to make improvements to my home that I never thought I could. We now have completely remodeled bathrooms; I finally finished the backyard project that I was working on for years and we even have set goals for next year to have completely new floors throughout our home.

The truth was my life needed a Transformation. Thank you so much Tammy, Paul, Tony and Coach Al for all of your help. I’m on the right path and staying close to God. In fact, the quote of the day is

“Live in such a way that when people think of honesty and integrity, they think of you.”

Kindest Regards

“…My 23rd birthday, I checked myself into Transformations by the Gulf after 7 days in detox for opioid dependence. When I arrived at TBTG, I was desperate for change and tired of living a life of addiction. I was afraid of change but felt there had to be a better and easier way. Through group and individual counseling, the help of AA, meditation and the beach activities, I learned to love myself and life.

The staff and house are both amazing and each played a huge role in my recovery and current sobriety. I am now a new and much better person, son, employee and friend. Today I love life and live a quality life with purpose.

Another beautiful day in sobriety.“

“Transformations by the Gulf’s holistic substance abuse and wellness program gave my sister a chance for a new life. This recovery center and all the wonderful people that provided her care are amazing. The training in yoga, and tai chi gave her a gentle and positive way to cope with her anxiety. Because of these instructors, she now has a healthy way to maintain a sense of peace, clear-headedness and positive thinking.

The positive support, instructions and guidance provided by the professional therapists gave her a multitude of coping skills and helped her discover self-respect, compassion, self-accountability and the acknowledge to make needed lifestyle changes.

Transformations gave my sister the skills to have a beautiful, productive and exciting sober life. She is now strong emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Thank you Transformations!!!!”

“With regard to my 90 day in-patient treatment program at Transformations By The Gulf, I must report that the experience was outstanding. The entire staff proved to be very knowledgeable in their fields and conducted their respective individual group sessions accordingly. Upper management was understandably firm with the application of rules and scheduling, and yet were responsive to the individual needs of the various clients when they arose.

The accommodations were comfortable and more than adequate providing for a good environment to enhance the rehabilitation process away from home. The center’s beach location also provided for a serene escape when required.”

“The program, as difficult as it was at times, was the single most important factor in helping me to get and remain clean. When I relapsed after 2 solid years of sobriety, I realized that I could not fight this battle on my own. I chose to come to Transformations in order to find a better way to live without drugs/alcohol, to learn to accept myself, and return to living in recovery.

The key for me was being able to share, for the first time, the honest truth about my life and addiction in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment with people whom I now consider lifelong friends. Being with a group of addicts for 4 days/week who were also dealing with some of the exact same issues I was facing, and continue to face on a daily basis, was truly priceless. Having the ability to share my own story, and verbally admit that I had a problem, allowed me to realize for the first time that I wasn’t the only one living with this disease. My personal growth and ability to accept myself were essential to my recovery.

Through sharing with the group, we eventually formed a type of friendship and bond that was much deeper: centered on the fact that we were all striving to get and stay clean, and that friendship in itself kept each of us accountable in maintaining our sobriety. Transformations changed my life in a way that is difficult to put into words. The people here are some of the best I have ever had the opportunity with which to work. I am truly grateful for this experience, opportunity, and for the individuals at Transformations who helped me find a new way of living that works.”

“Transformations By The Gulf opened the door to me of the wonderful world of sobriety. I am forever grateful to the program that they offer to help those who truly want to help themselves. From the comfortable and responsible living environment to the thorough and concise therapy and addiction groups that they facilitate there, and with my own desire to change, Transformations left me with the skills needed to take responsibility of my own life and to live one day at a time always doing the next right thing. I will always try to give back what Transformations By the Gulf gave to me.”

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