Boating Drug And Addiction Therapy in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Experiential therapies help patients by allowing them to break free of the constraints of the hospital or housing treatment sessions. With boating therapy, patients have fun under the sun and on the ocean, while the relaxing experience of being on the water helps them become less rigid and more open to healing by becoming in-tune with their true selves.

Why Does Boating Therapy Work?

Drug, Alcohol, and Addiction Rehab Boating Therapy Get Help Now

Not only are you at peace with mother nature, but you are also faced with making decisions by overcoming challenges faced by being out on a large open body of water. By dealing with the ocean’s waves, the sun beating down or the daily rain falls over the water; you have a new set of challenges to learn to overcome and embody your decision-making skills.

boat therapy for addiction and alcohol addiction

Learn To Live In The Moment

Out on the ocean, you learn to make decisions at the moment while out on the water. Therapy doesn’t have to be behind walls; we have a world of adventure to explore healthy outlets and coping skills.

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