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Holistic drug and alcohol recovery treatments have proven to be extremely effective in increasing recovery rates and preventing instances of relapse. Treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction starts with taking care of the WHOLE you. Holistic addiction treatment is customized, multifaceted and gives you a range of options for healing physically, mentally and spiritually.

What Does Holistic Drug and Addiction Recovery Entail?

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Here at Transformations By The Gulf, a Florida holistic drug rehab center, we use treatment specialties, together with our evidence-based structured groups, to treat the whole person and not only the symptoms of addiction. Our adjunct treatment specialties include yoga, guided and individual meditation, acupuncture, nutritional and fitness counseling, light and sound neurotherapy, personal training, boating, and Tai Chi.

Nutritional counseling at our holistic rehab center provides tangible healing. Patients can start fresh and give their bodies the nutrients they need to overcome their addiction. Eating a well-balanced diet may help improve cell function, reduce cravings and enhance mood.

Yoga, meditation and acupuncture help relieve stress and restore balance to an addict’s body after extended substance abuse. Mindfulness therapy brings individuals to a healthy mental state — helping them progress with recovery.

Our holistic drug rehab in Florida also encompasses boating therapy. Patients can have fun in the sun and on the ocean while they learn to become less guarded, more open to healing and in-tune with themselves. This holistic therapy also allows addicts to connect with nature on a personal level.

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How a Holistic Drug Treatment Program Differs From Standard Approaches

A holistic substance abuse treatment program features personalized, non-medical methods of addiction recovery. It aims to bring the mind, body and spirit into alignment for complete healing. This differs from standard approaches, which usually focus on an individual’s physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal, and not on the person’s overall well-being. By treating the entire individual and getting to the root cause of addiction, the patient has the opportunity to reach lasting recovery.

Why Choose Transformations By The Gulf?

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We are aware that everyone’s experience with addiction is a unique one, and our program is designed around gender-specific, psychological, biological, social and familial needs. Recovery help at Transformations By The Gulf’s Substance Abuse and Wellness Center can be the beginning of a beautifully productive, exciting sober life!

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • Gender-specific with mixed gender interaction
  • 3:1 client-to-counselor ratio for more individualized treatment
  • Holistic practices woven into traditional therapies to enrich the experience of recovery in treating the mind, body and soul.
  • High standard of compassionate care in a small boutique-style facility
  • Family therapy
  • Comprehensive continuing care
  • Well-appointed gender specific residences
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Accredited by The Joint Commission

Transformations By The Gulf is Joint Commission Gold Seal Approved. The Gold Seal is the highest accreditation available for addiction treatment centers. Accreditation demonstrates TBTG’s commitment to continuous quality improvement and 100% client satisfaction.

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Ready To Transform Your Mind, Body, and Soul?

By integrating holistic components and treating the mind, body and spirit together, Transformations By The Gulf is able to provide individuals with a solid cornerstone for lasting recovery.

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