Our Facilities for Addiction in Florida

Transformations by the Gulf is a Substance Abuse Treatment Center and Alcohol and Drug Rehab located in beautiful St. Pete Beach, FL. Transformations offers both inpatient and outpatient programs which feature a wide variety of therapies to heal the mind, body, and soul. We have experienced staff available 24 hours a day. Meals are freshly prepared for clients in our onsite kitchen, and a cozy café is available all day for clients to eat, socialize, and grab a coffee or snack. Should clients wish to prepare meals on their own, residences each boast a modernized and fully equipped kitchen with all needed appliances and utensils. At times, private single-occupancy bedrooms are available.

Group Therapy Rooms & Office

Transformations by the Gulf provides top-notch treatment in Florida. We help to reshape lives, create healthy routines, and gain a deep understanding of yourself to achieve lasting sobriety. Our center is structured to offer a comfortable and cozy environment, which allows our clients to focus on getting to the root of the problem and building a foundation for their recovery.

Gym at Transformations by the Gulf

The Gym

Transformations by the Gulf gym has dumbbells, exercise bikes, medicine balls, treadmills, weights, yoga mats, and more to allow clients to engage in a variety of different workouts. We also have a basketball hoop on-site.

The Yoga Studio

Transformations by the Gulf yoga studio offers a serene environment that provides a refuge of peace and harmony. The yoga studio is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, and pillows for your comfort. It is utilized for yoga sessions, meditation, acupuncture, cupping, and other holistic treatments.

Yoga Studio at Transformations by the Gulf
Rehab Cafe

The Food

A healthy and nutritious diet is an essential component towards full recovery. At Transformations by the Gulf, we provide wholesome meals ensuring dietary restrictions of our clients are met. By interacting and eating with other patients going through some of the same issues, they create a communal environment that encourages supportive relationships and positivity. Clients also have the option to prepare their own meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Pool

Transformations by the Gulf offers a refreshing pool that gives clients the ability to try a unique set of workouts that are yet another type of therapy.

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Residential Client Rooms on St. Pete Beach, FL

Transformations By The Gulf offers community treatment housing for men who enroll in our Day Treatment program. Our men’s housing is apartment-style living, situated only three blocks from the beach with an on-site manager and experienced staff available 24 hours a day. It boasts all remodeled units with fully equipped kitchens including all necessary appliances and utensils. Our clients shop and prepare their own meals. At times, private single occupancy rooms are available. The men’s housing is fully furnished and we provide linens and towels. Additionally, there is a laundry room for all residents, plus WiFi and cable are included.

Who Will Be Helping Me?

With the combination of diverse, experienced clinicians and staff plus the beautiful location of our Florida Drug Rehab Center on the Gulf Coast, you or your loved one will benefit greatly from the atmosphere surrounding recovery, and learn ways to stay focused on recovery and help prevent relapse. Our caring staff is dedicated to leading you in the right directions with your drug rehab and/or alcohol recovery.

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