What to Do After Florida Beach Drug Rehab

Are you considering attending a Florida Beach drug rehab but nervous as to what will happen after graduation? The decision to quit drinking or using is a big one and can leave you feeling anxious about relapse and how to live life sober. During treatment, your counselors will discuss the best options for your personal journey. However, it is often helpful to have an idea of what to expect once you leave the safety of the treatment center. Everyone's life after addiction is different but we are going to explain the general idea of what to expect. Keep reading for more information!

Finding a Place to Live

Upon leaving treatment, you will need to secure a place to live. Your first thought may include simply going home. However, this is not always the best option for people that are new to recovery. Going home will place you in the same environment and around the same people. With these two factors, it is likely to return to old behaviors and old ways of thinking. There are many options available to you and your counselor will recommend the one that best suits your needs. These choices may include staying with a sober friend or family member, moving into a day treatment facility, or opting to live in a sober living home. Sober living houses are an excellent choice as they group like-minded individuals together and each member helps others stay accountable. Most of these houses offer affordable rent that may be paid weekly and require you to hold a job, attend 12-step meetings, and have a sponsor.

Looking for Work

Many addicts and alcoholics lose their job when they hit rock bottom. Some people may be fortunate enough to return to work, but this is not typical. Whether you hold a degree or have minimal skills, you will need to find a way to make money. Before jumping into a new career, find something that you enjoy doing and can help pay bills. The goal isn't to become rich; the goal is to stay sober. People with service industry backgrounds may want to return to waiting tables or tending bar. These jobs often center around alcohol and a party lifestyle. Instead of jumping right back into the same patterns, consider other customer service jobs such as retail or hospitality. Remember to keep time for yourself and your recovery; some jobs are more understanding than others.

Establish a Routine

Once you find a place to live, you can begin to establish what you want each day to look like. This will likely include whichever job you find, but should also include time for recovery and loved ones. Keeping a busy schedule and routine will help keep any thoughts about using or drinking as thoughts, not actions. Hopefully, between your new home, job, and sober social connections, you are too busy enjoying life to be tempted with relapse!

Build a Network at a Florida Beach Drug Rehab

In rehab, you will meet many people that have the same goals as you. If you choose to attend AA or NA, you will also be surrounded by people in recovery. Take time to get to know a few of these people better. Get their phone numbers and call or text them. People in recovery want to help others stay sober so use this to your advantage. Some people do not wish to work any type of 12-step program and that's okay. However, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will keep you accountable. If you choose to attend AA or NA meetings and work the steps, get a sponsor you can trust. Talk with them regularly and continue to be honest, open-minded, and willing.

Attend Aftercare or Continuing Therapy

When you leave rehab to begin your life after addiction, you will likely be given the option to attend aftercare sessions. These sessions are akin to group therapy and allow you to 'check-in' with other recent graduates and counselors. Whether your journey keeps you in Florida or takes you to the coast of California, you can find (with some research and help from your counselors) an aftercare or therapy group. Part of this is staying connected to other sober people, but the other part is identifying any triggers that can lead you to relapse and preventing this issue from occurring. Attending aftercare or seeing a therapist after rehab is especially important if you deal with co-occurring disorders. This is due to the fact that any mental disorder may become worse while dealing with Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). A therapist or group leader will help guide you if your PAWS symptoms are becoming unbearable. They can also give you a referral to a medical doctor who is familiar with the condition and can prescribe medications such as antidepressants or non-narcotic anti-anxiety medicine.

Have Fun While Breaking Old Habits

A huge part of recovery is relearning how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. In addiction your Friday night may have included going to a bar or using with friends. Now, it may include a trip to the movies, a good restaurant, or socializing at a 12-step meeting. The idea is to continue living your life and having fun while doing so. Every time you opt to grab a coffee over grabbing a beer, you are slowly beginning to break those old habits that led you to a Tampa Beach drug rehab. Don't test yourself by choosing to hang out with old friends, in old places assuming that you are immune to your addiction. This is a set-up for failure.

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