Will Insurance Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Certain insurance plans will pay for all detox and treatment costs after the member reaches their deductibles. In contrast, some insurance companies expect policyholders to make copayments for every service provided by the facility. The detox process differs based on the substances used, impacting the coverage provided by insurance depending on the chosen approach and the individual’s plan. For instance, a non-medical detox may be more affordable than a hospital-based facility. Although insurance companies are required to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment, they are not obligated to cover inpatient care. In cases where outpatient treatment is ineffective, inpatient care may be deemed medically necessary. Medical necessity is determined by insurance companies based on a physician’s prudent clinical judgment.

Which Insurance Providers does Transformations accept?

It’s quite reasonable to wonder if your insurance is accepted when finding a treatment program for addiction you may ask yourself, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts Aetna?”, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts Cigna?”, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts Blue Cross?”, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts United Healthcare?”, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts Harvard Pilgrim?”, “where is a Florida Addiction Rehab that accepts Florida Blue?”, or other insurances. We make it easy to get verified for your coverage. Simply call our addiction support specialists at (727)498-6498 and they can answer insurance questions with no pressure.

Ready For Help with Your Addiction Problem?

If you are using drugs or alcohol, you may have an addiction that requires professional help. Find out At Transformations by the Gulf How Mind-Altering Substances Work, we offer programs that let you continue on with your daily life by living at home but coming in for the treatment you need. Transformations by the Gulf provides a secure and supportive environment to address negative emotions and develop coping mechanisms essential for the recovery journey. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call us today at (727)498-6498.

Being Supportive to an Addict After Rehab, are you struggling with addiction and want to learn more? Check out our page on addiction treatments.

If you or a loved one needs treatment and rehabilitation for substance use, Transformations by the Gulf can help. Find out more information from Psychology Today!