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Co-Occurring Disorders in St. Petersburg Florida

Co-Occurring Disorders: It has been estimated that 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers also have at least one other serious psychological or emotional problem. When a person has a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis, it generally means that they are suffering from addiction and an emotional/psychiatric disorder that may include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, personality disorders, mood swings, trauma, sexual compulsivity, and more. To recover fully, the person needs treatment for both.

At Transformations By The Gulf, a Florida Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center for Women and Men, we understand that not every set of problems fit into a diagnostic pigeonhole or category. For instance, we know that some people with methamphetamine abuse have underlying attention deficit disorder. We have learned that some people with chronic alcohol abuse struggle with social phobias or interpersonal anxiety. We know that some people with marijuana abuse are attempting to deal with chronic pain or ease the distress of chronic depression.

When a co-occurring disorder is assessed, we are careful to treat the addiction and the underlying issue because not doing so would put the person at risk for relapse. Our highly experienced team of clinicians and staff work with the addiction while treating the underlying issue to decrease the risk of relapse. There is no rigid algorithm or formula which we follow. We remain open, personal, flexible and dynamic in our approach. The key is to treat the whole person and all of the conditions inherent in their addictive behavior so that they can achieve complete and lasting recovery.


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Why Transformations?

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Gender Specific treatment with mixed-gender interaction
  • Holistic practices woven into traditional therapies to enrich the experience of recovery
  • High standard of compassionate care in a small boutique style facility
  • 3:1 client to counselor ratio for more individualized treatment
  • Well-appointed, gender-specific residences that are located on award-winning St. Petersburg Beach, FL  “Top 10 beaches in the US”
  • Family Inclusion
  • Comprehensive Continuing Care

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