depression and substance abuse

Suicide, Depression and Substance Abuse: How to Get Help

Do you know that there is a close association between mental illness and substance abuse? In the short run, drugs affect our moods and may cause anxiety due to hallucinations. Long term effects include depression due to the depletion of serotonin hormone and in severe cases, schizophrenia.

Depression caused by rampant drug use may lead to suicide since the individual does not find the motive to live. If you are in such a place, read the article below to understand how you can seek help for depression and substance abuse.

Be Ready For Change

The first step to seeking help for your drug abuse problem is self-acceptance. You must admit to yourself that you have a problem and that you need your life to get back on track.

Be prepared for the new changes. For example, you may need to cut off friends that encourage you to use drugs. You may also have to avoid places such as bars that trigger you to use drugs.

Seek the Support of Close Friends and Family

Your close friends and family comprise a strong support network that will help you overcome depression and substance abuse. Besides, they will motivate you to abide by the new lifestyle changes.

Friends and family will ensure that you attend rehabilitation classes and doctor’s appointments. Being around caring people can reduce the impacts of depression as you no longer feel alone.

Join Support Groups

Support groups comprising former drug addicts can help you overcome your drug addiction and manage your depression. In the support group, you engage with people who have had similar life experiences.

At first, you may be afraid to tell your story to strangers. However, you realize that telling the story is part of the healing process. During support group sessions, you will learn how to lead a drug-free lifestyle.

Attending support group sessions may prompt you to help people in similar situations. They may be members of the support group or former friends who would like to change their lifestyle. As you help someone out, you realize that you must do better for that person to look up to you.

Seek Medical Help for Depression and Drug Abuse

Seek medical attention if you think that your addiction is not manageable. For severe addiction, the best option would be admitted into an inpatient program where you will be under 24-hour medical supervision. You may also opt for an out-patient program where you do not have to spend time at the facility.

Your doctors will have to establish if your mental illness and substance addiction are separate problems. For instance, some people abuse drugs to cope with trauma due to sexual abuse or loss of a close family member.

You will receive medical treatment to prevent relapse and manage your depression. Further, you will receive counseling to help you come to terms with your reality.

Need Help? Do it Today!

We procrastinate because we think our futures are assured. However, with depression and substance abuse, you need to take action immediately. Confide in close friends and family, join a support group or seek medical treatment for your condition.

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