Recovery Dharma in Florida

There are several growing recovery-based programs or additions found today. Recovery Dharma in Florida is one of them. One recovery program that offers an approach to recovery based on Buddhist principles is known as Recovery Dharma. Recovery Dharma is peer-led and non-theistic. They welcome all those who wish to pursue recovery as part of our community.

The readings of Recovery Dharma highlight the basic principles and practices of the program. Each concept provides an opportunity to deepen understanding, explore personal inquiry, and connect with others.

Recovery Dharma in Florida; Recovery Dharma is founded on, and inspired by, Buddhism that originated in India and later on flourished in other regions of Asia (e.g., South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia). We deeply appreciate the Buddhist heritage that was protected and freely offered by the ancestors of these cultures.

The Practice Overview:

Renunciation: We commit to the intention of abstinence from alcohol and other addictive substances and behaviors. 

Meditation: We commit to the intention of developing a daily meditation practice.

Meetings: We attend recovery meetings and commit to becoming an active part of the community, offering our own experiences and service wherever possible. 

The Path: We commit to deepening our understanding of the Four Noble Truths and to practicing the Eightfold Path in our daily lives. 

Inquiry and Investigation: We explore the Four Noble Truths as they relate to our addictive behavior through writing and sharing in-depth, detailed Inquiries. 

Sangha, Wise Friends, Mentors: We cultivate relationships within a recovery community, to both support our own recovery and support the recovery of others. 

Growth: We continue our study of these Buddhist principles and undertake a lifelong journey of growth and awakening.

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