How Mind-Altering Substances Work

What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency is a condition marked by dependence on substances that alter mood or mind, like alcohol, illicit drugs, and specific prescription medications. It is a long-lasting, advancing, and possibly life-threatening illness. Chemical dependency can negatively impact your physical health, career, familial connections, and social relationships.

How Do Alcohol and Other Mind-Altering Drugs Work?

Alcohol and drugs are substances that alter bodily functions. When introduced into the body (typically through ingestion, inhalation, or injection), they enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. These substances can impact sensory perception, alertness levels, and pain sensitivity in the brain. The effects of drugs vary based on factors such as the type of drug, dosage, frequency of use, rate of absorption into the brain, and concurrent consumption of other substances. Additionally, individual differences in body composition and chemistry can influence the effects. Prolonged use of psychoactive substances leads to changes in brain activity, causing a dependence on these substances for normal functioning rather than just for pleasure. This reliance signifies a state of chemical dependency.

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