Many people view cocaine as a party drug, but the reality is there’s nothing fun about it at all. Every year, there are thousands of overdose deaths.

While you may take extra precautions to ensure you don’t overdose, you may still be doing a lot of damage to your body. In addition to that, your addiction may be affecting your ability to manage your relationships and responsibilities.

This article will explain everything you need to know about your brain on cocaine and a Florida cocaine addiction center can help.

What Does Cocaine Do to Your Brain?

There are two main ways cocaine affects your brain: physiologically and emotionally.

Physiological Effects

One of the main physiological effects cocaine has on your brain is addiction. With repeated use, your brain chemistry changes, which makes you crave and physically rely on cocaine.

With long-term use, you may start having seizures or seizure disorders. Abusing cocaine can possibly also increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, cocaine usage can raise the cortisol levels in your brain. This can have a permanent negative impact on your blood pressure and, in turn, damage your cardiovascular system.

Cocaine can cause your brain to literally be eaten away. This condition is called cocaine-induced leukoencephalopathy, and while it’s very rare, it can still happen to you.

A more common occurrence is the advanced aging of your brain. A study showed that in people who had either used the drug recently or in the past, their brains were losing double the amount of gray matter per year when compared to non-addicts.

Needless to say, cocaine has only negative effects on your brain, even though using will give you temporary pleasure.

Emotional Effects

While cocaine can make you feel extremely happy and sensitive, these are only short-term effects. You may also feel paranoid, restless, or irritable and you may not feel like eating much either.

Because it also boosts dopamine in the brain (in the beginning), you may feel more energized as well. This is why many people use it to stay up when partying.

However, as time goes on, you’ll start suffering from adverse effects regarding your mood. The main problems are anxiety and aggression. As a result, your personality can completely change due to the abuse of cocaine.

Check into a Florida Cocaine Addiction Center

Cocaine can have a devastating effect on not only your brain but also the quality of relationships with your loved ones. It can make it challenging to keep up with your priorities, like work, school, or childcare.

Don’t miss out on the important things in life. While sobriety can seem like a long and difficult road, you can achieve it. With the proper support and treatment at a Florida cocaine addiction center, you can get a second chance at a fulfilling and happy life.

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