Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction

What if your best wasn’t good enough when it comes to addiction?

With drug addiction, many people think that they can make it through this struggle alone. Or if someone else is suffering, a person may think that all they need is a friendly support network.

The truth is that there is no replacement for actual drug rehabilitation. And with Intensive Outpatient Programs, the road to recovery is faster than ever before.

Wondering what the benefits of such a program are? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs?

We have put together the definitive guide to how these programs can help those struggling with drug addiction. First, though, we must define what intensive outpatient programs really are.

In traditional drug rehab, a patient may have to stay within a facility for a certain period of time. This helps medical professionals both monitor their condition and facilitate their needs.

With an outpatient program, no stay is required. Instead, patients attend multiple sessions over a period of time to deal with their addiction as well as any co-occurring disorders.

Many treatment plans start out with multiple sessions each week (sometimes even one a day), with the number of sessions winding down as the patient recovers.

Now that you know more about what these sessions are, it’s time to learn more about the benefits of such a program.

More Affordable

Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction. There are many different benefits to these outpatient treatment programs. One of the biggest benefits is that they are more affordable.

When it comes to rehab, the only real choices are inpatient and outpatient care. Simply put, inpatient care comes with a much higher price tag.

Inpatient care effectively includes room and board for a patient over a period of weeks or even months. Throw in the cost of medical care and medication and you may end up with a truly frightening bill.

With outpatient care, costs are lower all around. And medical professionals can help develop a treatment plan that takes your budget into consideration.

Access to Support Network

Like we said before, the friends and loved ones of an addict often try to stage an intervention (or two) before seeking professional help. It’s easy to develop the idea that a patient must choose help from only one group or another.

However, the flexibility of outpatient care means that a patient still has the same level of access to their support network. While they receive one kind of support within the network, they receive another kind altogether from their friends and family.

Ultimately, recovering from addiction is a long road with many different paths. Outpatient programs are beneficial because they keep every path open while still providing quality care and support.

Open Schedule

Some patients struggling with addiction have a good reason to resist inpatient care. Being tucked away in a rehabilitation center for weeks or months may completely disrupt everything from their home life to their full-time job!

Outpatient programs offer a relatively open schedule for patients. This lets them attain the care they need while still letting them attend to private and professional matters.

This open schedule also lets patients be a bit more discrete about their care. They will not have to disclose their treatment plan to a boss or coworker as they would in the event of inpatient care.

Structured Care

Patients and family alike may worry that outpatient care is somehow inferior to inpatient care. The truth of the matter is that outpatient care provides a higher level of structured care than inpatient care.

With outpatient care, patients help develop a treatment plan that fully meets their needs. As we noted before, this may include meeting with a professional 7 days a week.

Under this system, a patient gets the exact level of care they need exactly when they need it. And a variety of different therapy styles are available to suit various patients and their differing needs.

Extended Network

The scariest thing about addiction is that it never fully goes away. Instead, it is a problem that patients will have to deal with long after their last session has ended.

However, no one should have to struggle alone. And outpatient programs are great because they help patients develop an extended support network that they can call on for help over the years.

Whether it’s medical professionals or fellow patients, the members of this network can help patients in their darkest moments. With their help, patients can find their way back into the light.

Different Kinds of Therapy

The outpatient program professionals understand that there is no one solution that fits every problem. That’s why they offer a wide variety of therapy options.

Individualized therapy provides a great opportunity for a counselor to learn the nature of the patient’s issue and develop a custom treatment plan. It also provides an open environment for the patient to voice their questions and concerns about the process.

Family therapy options help offer “the best of both worlds” to patients. Such sessions allow family members to become part of the healing process, all while providing a powerful incentive for the patient’s recovery.

Some programs even offer holistic therapy. This allows patients to discover how outlets such as art and yoga can help them obtain peace of mind and body.

Finally, group therapy options help patients understand that they are not alone. And such sessions form the backbone of the patient’s support network, allowing them to meet new allies and friends on their journey.

Customized Treatment

When you or someone you love is suffering, you don’t want them to receive just any kind of treatment. Instead, you want them to get treatment tailored to their specific lifestyle and needs. With Intensive Outpatient Programs, patients can receive the kind of customized treatment plan they truly deserve.

The Next Few Steps

Now you know about the power of Intensive Outpatient Programs. But do you know who offers the very best in care and comfort?

At Transformations By the Gulf, we help patients conquer addiction and get their lives back. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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