What is Codependency?

According to Psych Central, codependency is a relationship in which one partner has extreme emotion and physical needs and the other partner meets those needs most of the time. The person becomes so dependent upon that person to always meet those needs that they feel they can’t function without the other individual. What can happen with Codependency is it can spiral out of control in which the codependent partner enables the loved one’s challenges, making it easy for the loved one to maintain the destructive behaviors.

5 Signs of Codependency

Symptoms of codependency include:

  • Low self-esteem: The codependent person may feel they are unlovable outside of the relationship role and depends on the opinions of other people to feel valued or self-worth.
  • People-pleasing: The opinions of other people may have a great deal of weight for the codependent person. This person will do anything to make sure others have a positive opinion about them. The person may feel intense shame, guilt or an inability to say “no” to other people.
  • Caretaking: The person feels a primary need to care for other people, often at the expense of themselves; in some extreme situations, the person doesn’t feel secure or comfortable unless needed.
  • Unhealthy or absence of boundaries: The codependent person may not have a understanding or sense of boundaries, either for themself or others. These individuals may offer unwanted or unneeded advice, feel responsible for other people’s feelings, or want to control or manipulate others in order to feel safe and secure.
  • Obsession over relationships: Because the codependent person feels completely defined by relationships, they may become the main priority or an obsessive focus for the individual.

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The success of a person’s recovery depends on the level of personalized treatment provided. It is important to find an addiction treatment program that works.  When we say our treatment is individualized, we mean that we craft a program that is tailored to address the client’s unique physical, mental and emotional needs.

In the client’s first 24 hours with us, we’ll evaluate their current state and work to understand what challenges they need to overcome. They’ll also have an initial session with our doctor and meet with one of our licensed mental health professionals.

After the initial evaluations, we’ll design a treatment plan with the sole mission of helping the client overcome and heal from addiction. Their program will focus on things such as:

  • Addressing and Identifying root causes of addiction.
  • Creating a support system.
  • Developing healthy stress management techniques.
  • Eliminating Substance use.
  • Learning how to communicate emotions effectively.
  • Maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
  • Repairing damaged relationships.

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