Residential Treatment for Addiction Recovery

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Residential Treatment for Addiction Recovery

Our residential treatment programs offer a home-like and safe environment for addiction recovery. Residents spend the duration of their addiction treatment program with 24/7 access to addiction specialists and medical professionals. That’s one of the key benefits of residential treatment centers. Also referred to as an “inpatient treatment program,” residential programs address both the physical and psychological causes and effects of substance abuse as well as co-occurring mental health disorders by implementing treatment methods which integrate evidence-based clinical interventions, medications (when required and prescribed by the attending physician), and holistic therapies. Length of treatment is determined by individual case, and typically will range from 30 to 90 days.

Who Benefits From Residential Addiction Treatment?

Residential treatment is recommended for those who suffer with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders who are ready to begin recovering from addiction, but may lack an immediate local or experienced support system. Each person has unique requirements in addiction treatment, but generally, an individual should seek a residential treatment program for addiction if he or she:

Is attempting to live sober for the first time
Suffers from a severe addiction and may require medical detox
Is a threat to others, self and/or has a non-supportive home life
Has or may have a co-occurring mental health disorder
Has been unsuccessful with past outpatient treatment programs or support groups
Does not have the experience or tools which are necessary to go through everyday responsibilities without giving in to his/her addictive desires, cravings or behaviors

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