Suzanne Stokes, LMHC, CAP

“I have worked as a Mental Health Therapist for 30 years now. I must say, I still love joining people wherever they are on their journeys. I focus on positive goals for getting back on track or even transformation. As I realize the courage it takes to come to therapy I focus on the patient/therapist relationship. There must first be an experience of safety and trust. Then of course, the skills come in.I work in a warm, relaxed style with fierce reflection if needed or gentle support if needed. I suggest that everyone try therapy!
My specialty is connection. If there is no connection, nothing happens. Connection is of course unique to each person. I adore working with couples, families, motivated teenagers, and individuals of any age.
Possibly my humor combined with honed skills makes my practice unique.Laughter isn’t always appropriate, but it can turn things around for the person who hasn’t laughed in a while. With so many years of experience and training, I have quite a broad skill set.”

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