Group Therapy

Group Therapy Drug Rehab Florida

Group Therapy

At Transformations By The Gulf Florida Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Center, we offer a wide range of group therapy sessions facilitated by our highly skilled clinicians. We’ve experienced tremendous success with group therapy for addiction treatment. These gender-specific sessions include dynamic processing groups, where clients receive feedback and support from their peers as well as our licensed therapists. Our groups focus on topics such as: Relapse Prevention, Emotional Coping, Stress Reduction, Interpersonal Relationships, Family Roles/Issues, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills and Boundary Setting, Sexuality and Intimacy, Co-dependency, and Anger Management.

These groups are gender-specific, meaning women will speak with other women and men will speak with other men. We find that Gender-exclusive groups allow for individuals to discuss openly and freely all issues.

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