I got a DUI, now what?

Florida Residents: I got a DUI, now what?

You probably didn’t think this would happen to you. But it did. You’re driving home after having a bit too much to drink, and there are the lights in the rear view. Now, you have a suspended license, hefty court fees, withdrawal symptoms, possible depression and a general feeling of hopelessness.

You may be asking yourself: Do I have a drinking problem? Is THIS ‘rock-bottom’? What am I supposed to do?

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Well, bad news: If you are asking yourself if you have a problem with substance abuse, you probably do. It’s for YOU to decide. If you’re looking for help, the good news is: It’s EASY to find when you are mentally prepared.

This is definitely not something which you should go through alone. Addiction is a serious problem that requires time, dedication and support to overcome. Could you cure your own cancer if you had it? Nope. Guess what: Most people can’t ‘cure’ their own addiction without help either. In fact, Addiction is something that you’ll have to work at to be free of for the rest of your life. Sound grim? It doesn’t HAVE to be.

So? What do I do?

Ask for help. Plain and simple. You can start right here in Florida. We’re located in St. Pete:
Transformations by the Gulf Florida Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Wellness Center
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CALL US: (727) 498-6498
and we’ll be happy to guide you towards the help you deserve.

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