Group Drug And Addiction Therapy In Florida

At Transformations By The Gulf Drug, a Rehab and Substance Abuse Center, we offer a wide range of group therapy sessions facilitated by our highly skilled clinicians. We’ve experienced tremendous success with group therapy for addiction treatment. Our sessions include dynamic processing groups, where clients receive feedback and support from their peers as well as our licensed therapists.

Our Group Therapy Focus

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Our groups focus on topics such as Relapse Prevention, Emotional Coping, Stress Reduction, Interpersonal Relationships, Family Roles/Issues, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, and Boundary Setting, Sexuality and Intimacy, Codependency, and Anger Management.

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Gender-Specific Groups

Some of our groups are gender-specific, meaning women will speak with other women and men will speak with other men. We find that gender exclusive groups allow for individuals to discuss openly and freely all issues.

Gender- Specific Therapy

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