Group Drug And Addiction Therapy In Florida

At Transformations By The Gulf Drug, a Rehab and Substance Abuse Center, we offer a wide range of group therapy sessions facilitated by our highly skilled clinicians. We’ve experienced tremendous success with group therapy for addiction treatment. Our sessions include dynamic processing groups, where clients receive feedback and support from their peers as well as our licensed therapists.

Our Group Therapy Focus

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Group therapy involves one or more psychologists who lead a group of roughly 3 to 15 patients. Typically, groups meet for an hour or two each week. Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only.

Many groups are designed to target a specific problem, such as depression, obesity, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain or substance abuse. Other groups focus more generally on improving social skills, helping people deal with a range of issues such as anger, shyness, loneliness, low self-esteem, problems related to trauma, addiction, and so much more. Groups often help those who have underlying issues that they aren’t comfortable to talk about.

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Benefits of group therapy

Joining a group of strangers may sound intimidating at first, but group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy may not. Psychologists say, in fact, that group members are almost always surprised by how rewarding the group experience can be.

Groups can act as a support network and a sounding board. Other members of the group often help you come up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge, and hold you accountable along the way.

Regularly talking and listening to others also helps you put your own problems in perspective. Many people experience mental health difficulties, but few speak openly about them to people they don’t know well. Oftentimes, you may feel like you are the only one struggling — but you’re not. It can be a relief to hear others discuss what they’re going through and realize you’re not alone.

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