The Importance Of Detoxing Safely From Drugs Or Alcohol

Detox is a crucial first step. When an individual decides to take the first step toward overcoming addiction, detox is often where this begins. Addictive substances must be flushed out of the system to start the recovery process.

What Happens To My Body When Detoxing?

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Detoxing is a natural type of process that happens when a person stops taking drugs. The majority of the drugs will exit the body within a few days, and as long as no more are used, the body will be clear of these substances. With active addiction, there is a steady stream of drugs being cycled through the body so that they are never entirely gone. After some time, the body and brain learn to function with a certain level of a particular substance at all times.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Detoxing?

When presented with the feeling of withdrawal symptoms, for example, a headache, anxiety, tremors or other uncomfortable feelings, the addicted individual will have another dose, and the painful feelings stop temporarily. While detox is an essential first step to rehab, it can also be quite a difficult one. The key is to get through the withdrawal feelings without taking another dose of drugs or another drink of alcohol. Addiction makes this nearly impossible to overcome without assistance.

Detoxing Safely is Important for Both Body and Mind

A detox program is necessary to get through this critical step of addiction recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mildly uncomfortable to severely life-threatening, depending on the substance abuse situation. Much of this has to do with the type of addictive substance, but physical and mental health hold significant roles as well. Relying on a medical professional to manage withdrawal symptoms can make the detox process much more comfortable for the patient. Additionally, medical intervention or resuscitation may be necessary to prevent severe physical withdrawal side effects.

How Does A Medical Detox Work?

A Detox Program Normally Will Be Completed In Three Stages:

The person’s condition is evaluated, and he or she is tested to see what drugs are in the system. This will help professionals to anticipate the needs of the individual as the detox process progresses.

The individual’s condition will begin to change as time passes. Medical intervention will be administered as needed to keep vital signs within normal range and ease the pain of symptoms one may be experiencing. One must keep in mind that detox is not comfortable, and each person may experience withdrawal symptoms differently. While symptoms of every single type of substance withdrawal may not be 100% treatable, the person undergoing detox treatment will be kept as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Preparing to transition to the rehab program is the last step in the detox phase of recovery. Individuals may begin to experience cravings at the end of detox, and this is normal. At this stage of recovery, addiction professionals will assist in reducing cravings and will identify any mental health issues which need to be addressed while in the addiction rehab program.

Detox, Is It Painful?

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