How the Beach Can Help Overcome Drug Addiction Tampa and St Pete Beach

How the Beach Can Help Overcome Drug Addiction

Addiction can be a traumatic thing for many people. There are also many different types of treatments available to help those that are suffering from overcoming the addiction itself. That is why we decided to create Transformations By The Gulf. We know what it is like to have to find a solution to fix your life, and we want to be a support system for each individual. Therefore, some of our ways to help people are creating programs that actually work. One of the ways we help people overcome their addiction is by the beach. In the following brief, you will learn more about how the beach actually can help you or your loved ones to get on the right track and fix your life free of addiction.

The Disorder

When a patient is consumed with a life filled with drugs, they are filled with their mindset of the inability to think clearly. Addiction comes with the inability to not function properly in society and well as with their families and work aspects. There are so many consequences that come with addiction problems, that it not only hurts themselves but those that are around them. Being addicted to drugs is a disorder for many people. It comes with a variety of components that alter one's thinking. It can cause inability to thinking, training, and even restoration. Our team has the insights to acknowledge this aspect of their lives and wants to help anyone that walks through our doors. We know what it is like to feel lost and unfocused on life, because of drugs, and know what it can take to fix problems regarding drug disorders. This is why we have dedicated our lives, and careers to helping out individuals overcome the addictions.

Treatment Types

Our company has perused to help society on many different means of recovery. One of the treatments that we offer is the beach. The beach offers the ability for individuals to push their feet into the sand and listen closely to the sounds of the waves. Each person that comes to the beach knows that it fills them with relaxation and peace. Therefore, one of our treatments offers beach time. Our team understands the value of peace and calmness for those that are overcoming drug addictions. When a patient is introduced to the holistic nature of the recovery, then they will soon realize that life has more purpose. They will find a way to focus on other things rather than their addiction needs. We offer not only the beach as a means of recovery, but alternative methods of recovery. We focus on a holistic measure to help and heal those that want to change.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, addiction can be a difficult thing to overcome; however, when a patient comes to our facility, they are greeted with love and care. Transformations By The Gulf is dedicated to helping those addicted to any types of drugs and helping them see the value in changing their lives to not only help themselves but for those that are around them. Our program that brings the beach into play has been a proven success as well as our other holistic measure to heal and fix mindsets that are focused on drugs. We want to show you there is more to life than the drugs they may be addicted to. Therefore, contact us now to see what is available for you, and what treatments and way we help others overcome addictions, your life can depend on it. You can call us here: 866-335-2962 for Drug & Addiction Beach Therapy or view our website now for immediate help:

Holistic Drug Rehab Includes Boat Therapy

Holistic Drug Rehab Includes Boat Therapy- Find Out Why

The decision to change your life and overcome addiction is now in a new line of treatment. There are many different types of facilities that offer programs to help with rehab; however, not all of them are efficient. Our company, Transformations By The Gulf, has proven time and time again, that we can actually help you and your loved ones to overcome addiction problems. Addiction is not a sign of impotence, but with the right help and the positive recognition of hope and determination, it can be achieved for anyone. When it comes to resolution, there are particular treatment plans, such as boat therapy, that have built-in foundations to create a higher success rate for each individual. Therefore, continue reading to understand why boat therapy can be an effective treatment plan and why it is pushed to help individuals with drug addiction.

What Is Boat Therapy?

Water has been known to not only heal your body from dehydration, but it has been studied repeatedly to see what other healing properties it can give to someone. We have looked into the healing facts about water and found out that it can also help with relaxation and treatment of the brain. Therefore, we have introduced a boat therapy treatment for those that are addicted to drugs. Our boat therapy treatments, allow each individual to break loose from the usual facility locations and feel more one with themselves. It offers many different outlooks on life that you may not be able to get with a facility and allows the patients to connect with nature on a personal level. The views of the water from the boats offer additional serenity to those looking to change their lives. Boat therapy consists of allowing people to get out of the buildings and have a day or two in the sun while letting the water rays hit their face to show them peace.

Why Can It Help With Addiction?

Addiction can be extremely traumatic for a lot of people; it can change how their lives are viewed, as well as change how their future is set up to become. Therefore, we have created the boat therapy sessions and treatment to be a one for all type of treatment. With the boat therapy treatments, patients can become one with nature and feel peace while they are transitioning between the drugs and reality. They are forced to feel life-altering decisions that could make them better people. When you feel the power of the ocean, and get to experience it more often than not, you will learn that there is more to life than drugs. Having the ability to put all of their problems on the ocean's surface, the patients can focus on clarity and decide if they really want to make the decision to change. And to top that off, our staff is there to help along the way through thick and thin.

Personal Choices

When a patient and team member is out on the ocean surface, they are forced to make some decisions at the drop of a dime that could change their lives for the better. Our team is dedicated to helping out many people with addictions, as there is more to life than drugs. They will have decisions to make that make their brains will consider additional options. Our team has extensive experience to challenge the mindset of each person to better themselves. The patients have personal choices to decide to relax and love life the way it was meant to or to consider the alternative options.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, boat therapy sessions will allow patients to feel free and bring their mindset to a realization of what life is genuinely like to live. Transformations By The Gulf, not only care about each of our patients, but we care about the longevity of their lives. We want to make a point to show our patients there is always hope, even in the darkest times in life. If you know of a person needing help, or you yourself can see that you may need help, contact us now. We are here for you when all seems lost. Call us for Boat Therapy for addiction and alcohol addiction now at 866-335-2962, or you can view our website to get additional information on our company here:, you will not be disappointed and could change your life for the better.

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Top 5 Benefits of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment with Boat Therapy

Going to alcohol or drug treatment centers can be difficult. A person really doesn't know what to expect. That's why many of the top tier facilities offer unique therapies. Top 5 Benefits of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment with Boat Therapy recognizes that specialty therapies can help people to break outside of the box. The boat therapy on St. Pete Beach, Florida is designed to help with particularly difficult recoveries. The following are the top 5 benefits of alcohol & drug addiction treatment with boat therapy:

1. Experiential Therapy Works

Like the Transformations By The Gulf stipulates, people have had impressive results through boating therapy. There are many testimonials on the website attesting to this fact. Experiences help to give people a little more out of life. They face challenges while boating that is akin to real life. There will always be roadblocks and joys in life while a person is out there living, and experiential therapy helps to highlight this.

2. Boating Can become a Hobby

People in rehab need new experiences to replace the negativity in their former lives. When some people are out on the boat, they come alive. A person only knows if one will like boating after trying it. This is a safe, fun way to introduce a potential new hobby into a person's life.

3. This is a Low Stakes Environment

People who are addicts are often risk-takers by nature. They might want to get the adrenaline rushes that they were used to when taking drugs. However, going out and living life to the fullest while in recovery isn't possible. It is a time when life is tamer. But introducing a low stakes risk can help the addict to feel alive again. Boating is adventurous and often the type of experience that many in rehab crave. Fortunately, though, they are doing this activity in a safe setting. There will be experienced professionals on the boat to help if anything goes wrong while out on the ocean. The excursions are well planned out with minimal risk for harm to any participants.

4. Boating Therapy utilizes Nature as a Tool to Heal

People often talk about flora and fauna. This is precisely what happens with boating therapy. Participants start to converse about nature. Whereas before they might be used to specific conversations with unhealthy undertones, being out in nature gives people something to talk about. This can certainly give people a healing experience while out on the great big sea.

5. It's a Once in a Lifetime Chance

In life, not everyone has the chance to live by the ocean. If a person looks at it like this, then many of the participants will not get an opportunity like this again. Also, boating is an expensive activity that not many people can afford. Some people will never get a chance to ever come back to the sea again on a boat. Doing boat therapy gives people memories that they may treasure for a lifetime.

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How does Location Impact your Drug and Addiction Therapy Results?

Some people think that location does not make a difference when it comes to rehab. However, these individuals might not have had the experience of recovery in different surroundings. When it comes to getting better, a person wants their environment to be as serene as possible. Also, having the absence of negative influences helps as well.

No one would want to go to rehab where the person is with others that continue to use. That's why it's vital that a person is around sober people during recovery. That means that rehab centers have the responsibility to screen candidates for the residence accordingly. If there is drug trading going on behind closed doors, then this is really not a place that is conducive to healing. If people are allowed too much access to the outside world, then this can quickly occur. So finding a center that is somewhat cut off from the world is essential.

At Transformations by the Gulf, the location is serene. That helps when people are transitioning into wellness. The body is looked at holistically. Also, there are gender-based treatments. All of these approaches mean that people are getting what they need. St. Petersburg Beach is just outside the greater Tampa Bay area. This means that people will feel a little like they are on a beach vacation during recovery. And the programs will keep them occupied in a way that leaves a little room for people to spend too much time worrying about the outside world.

Florida is the sunshine state. That is why many people flock here to retire. But it is also a great place to get some Vitamin D and work on your tan. You might feel a lot as though you are on a holiday. And that's the exact type of experience that Transformations by the Gulf aims to provide the clientele. This center only accepts people who are serious about their recovery. That means that you will be around like-minded individuals as you heal.

Adding in a new hobby is a great way to fill the void that you might feel when coming down. This location provides boat therapy. There is nothing better than the sea to give you a sense that you are on a journey in life. While riding high on the waves, you will start to build new pathways in the brain. The old ones did not serve you well in the past. But these new experiences will be memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Recovery from drugs and other addictions is hard. That's why finding a great location to mend is the first step in a treatment program. You can take the self-assessment test online at the website to help you measure where you're at. Then, when you're ready, call  1-866-335-2962 to get started on your healing journey. If you have a friend or family member that needs help, you can show them this site. While recovery is a long process, starting it in the best location possible will help to ease the transition.

Tampa Addiction Boat Therapy Drug & Addiction Beach Therapy

Why Does Boating Therapy Work?

Why Does Boating Therapy Work?

Those in need of physical rehabilitation will realize the many physical therapist benefits they can expect as a result of their treatment. Therapy is mainly focused on individuals who have an addiction, mental illness, injury or physical mobility issue that is related to the neurons, musculoskeletal, integument (skin), and cardiopulmonary systems of the body. However, you’ve not had the best of therapy without trying this modern and progressive treatment program that helps overcome drug addiction- Boating Therapy.

About Boating Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Being a form of experiential treatment, Boating Therapy allows you the chance to break free from constraints of office or classroom-based treatment sessions. Basically, this therapy enables you to take part in experiential methods of addiction recovery that provides learning and healing through first-hand practice, instead of the classroom fashion of merely talking and listening.

At our St. Petersburg, Florida location, we allow everyone to have fun in the sun and on a boat; an experience that helps you become less guarded and more open to healing and more in-tune with your true selves.

How Boating Therapy Works

Our Tampa beach drug and rehab facilitates therapeutic sessions and activities on a boat. Done on the water, it enhances learning and the ability to develop a balance in life to deal with your emotions. It also equips you to overcome challenges by developing mindfulness to be able to make rational decisions being aware of the associated consequences of every decision we make. The atmosphere away from the typical office or group therapy rooms boost openness and being creative and spontaneous.

A comparable similarity exists between recovery in real life and boating therapy, as we all face related challenges each day in the community and our daily lives. So while the time on the ocean may feel like the pursuit of entertainment in the sun, you may be building skills that will help you cope with the sobriety challenges and the difficulties of everyday living. Typically, you’ll learn to live a moment at a time while you are out on the boat, which translates to focusing onto the sober moment of your everyday living and being appreciative and mindful of your life.

Taking part in Transformations By The Gulf's addiction Boat Therapy enables your emotions that are bottled throughout addiction to come into the surface freely. Your brain gets to intensely focus on the activity rather than maintaining defense or trying to bury or fights your thoughts and feelings. The drug & addiction beach therapy right on the gulf waters of St. Petersburg, Florida, enables you to realize your needs and fears that addiction had masked from view. These needs can then be addressed in a talk or group therapy.

Boating Therapy At Transformations By The Gulf

If you or your loved one is seeking a richer and more fulfilling life by recovering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, boating therapy is the form of treatment that will helps connect to the deeper self. It is designed to guarantee whole-person healing of body, mind, and spirit for a complete recovery.

For more information about our boating therapy and other methods that will help you recover from alcohol and drugs addiction, call us at (866) 335-2962

Detox Treatments Men and Women Tampa Florida

Detox, Is It Painful?

The Detox Process is Less Painful Than One May Assume

Drug and alcohol rehab will often begin with detox treatment, which allows for toxic substances to exit the body while managing withdrawal symptoms. The length of time, type of detox and medical protocol will vary with each substance and the amount of time it has been abused. The three stages of detox: evaluation, stabilization and transitioning to treatment are all critical, and none should be skipped. No matter where detox is administered, the third step is the most important to attain long-term sobriety. Detox in and of itself, not complete rehabilitation treatment.

It is important to note that detoxing “going cold turkey” may have severe, life-threatening consequences. One should never attempt to detox on their own, especially for alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. All of these substances require medical supervision.

Detox is strongly recommended for opiates and prescription opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone, and also as brand formulations including Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, OxyContin, and Percocet. Risks of quitting cold turkey include:

  • Needlessly uncomfortable withdrawal
  • Increased risk of relapse
  • Increased risk of overdose form relapse because of a lowered tolerance to the substance
  • Possible Death (frequently seen due to uncontrolled seizures and convulsions)

The detox and rehab evaluation process include blood tests, screening for mental and physical co-occurring disorders, risk assessment for withdrawal severity and the need for medical supervision. The stabilization process will help the individual get past acute intoxication and withdrawal by administering medication to ease symptoms. The evaluation process will help create an individualized detox plan based on many factors, with the goal of keeping the person as comfortable as possible during this time.

Detox On its Own Is Not Enough

Professional detox is only the first step to overcoming addiction. Detox is a critical part of recovery and requires medical intervention and supervision.

Abusive of drugs or alcohol is only an outward sign of addiction. The real problem lies inside the brain where the drug habit takes over the pleasure centers and becomes a top priority to the addicted individual. There is a part of the human brain which is naturally designed to create habits by rewarding certain behaviors with positive emotions. This area of the brain becomes dependent on the drug and will not let it go easily because of the ‘good’ feelings it creates.

Following detox, when the addictive substances are out of the body, the brain will be looking for that pleasurable high once again. Addiction is strong enough to make a person act in ways that he or she knows are detrimental to their health, and physical detox alone will not relieve this. Professionals are well aware of this ordeal, and therefore behavioral therapy is highly recommended to help get rid of drug habits. Treatment services work in conjunction with detox to clear the drugs out of the body and work on reversing the changes in the brain that was responsible for developing the habit.

Why Choose Transformations By The Gulf?

Transformations By The Gulf uses a holistic recovery model to transition individuals from one stage of the recovery process to the next. Upon completion of our programs, we offer continuing group therapy opportunities to those who wish to keep moving forward on a positive life path. We strongly believe in preserving individuality and dignity through the entire detox and recovery process. Addiction is often difficult to face, but we strive to make all of our best efforts towards each person’s recovery so that this healing process will be viewed as a relief from the suffering and anxiety of addiction.

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